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Bambino Genius

Awaken Genius and set the ultimate pre reading foundation from 6 months - 6 years of age.
The earlier a child is exposed to the strategies, the better.


Nurture Genius as you learn to master the art of reading, comprehension and strategic learning from 7 - 12 years of age.

Student Genius

Unleash Genius from 13 years of age to 99 years old.

3 hours of learning more effectively in just 30 minutes.

Corporate Genius

Unlock human and learning potential at work with our extensive library of training material and short courses.

TULIP helps unlock brain power and intelligence on a daily basis.

But how?

Our comprehensive, premium learning courses teach you and your school / business / change agents how to master the art of strategic reading and learning from a young age. (6 months – 99 years.)

Our comprehensive digital library of ECD, Educational, Corporate and Digital Growth short courses  give you and your teachers / change agents the opportunity to take learning and career success to the next level, as you apply what you have learnt on a daily basis. 

Get ready to transform your memory, speed of learning and concentration for a lifetime of success and significance!

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